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Spring Sprint/Olympic Course Training Package

Geared for "Leon's Tri or Pleasant Prairie Triathlon".  A 16-week training program designed to maximize your fitness and triathlon skills for your upcoming Sprint or Olympic distance.  We have three different levels of training plans depending on your needs – Novice, Experienced, or Seasoned.  Our package includes indoor/outdoor group training programs at AMS and surrounding areas.  This includes swim, bike, run, strength, monthly clinics, and access to our full coaching staff.  Our plans provide the right mix of challenge and skill as you prepare for your upcoming race whether you are new to the sport of triathlon or are a seasoned athlete looking to set a personal best.

AMS Program includes:
(Training starts March 1st, Threshold Test)

  • Race specific monthly training plan w/access to AMS coaching staff
  • Exclusive weekly training sessions at Amphibian Multisport with coaching staff
  • Race specific swim, bike, run & strength workouts
  • Race specific monthly clinics (course talk, transitions,  gear prep class, nutrition, etc)
  • Discounted race wheel rental ($125, normally $150)
  • Discounted Iced Chain ($120, normally $145)

$550 (non-members), $400 (members)
*Sign-up by February 15, 2018 
*Limited spots are available, Sign up early!!

*Optional Add-on Package - 4-months of membership included = $500 (Normally $175 per month)

3 Different Levels of Training Programs:

Novice - (8-12 hrs per week)
Geared to the athlete that is new to the sport of triathlon or has completed a few races and is interested in improving their endurance, skills, and speed.  This program will help you avoid the common mistakes newer athletes make when they first start to compete in triathlon.


Experienced - (10-14 hrs per week)
Intended for the serious intermediate triathlete who has completed multiple Sprint and Olympic distance races and who wants to improve race performance without training as extensively as the seasoned triathlete.  This program can help a more experienced athlete have their best finish yet.


Seasoned - (12+hrs per week) 
A training plan intended for those athletes with a solid fitness base that have more experience in racing triathlons.  This is our largest training plan volume per week that will improve your speed, endurance, and confidence to prepare you for your next competitive triathlon.  Intended for athletes looking to set a PR or even earn a spot on the podium
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