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All rides/classes will incorporate some aspect of endurance, power, speed, technique, strength and skill sets. Coached sessions will also offer ample coach input and feedback.

Brick Workouts (Bike-Run-Bike-Run...etc)

These classes will use both sets of legs, your cycling and running pairs! We will address the physical transition from the bike to the run portion of a triathlon.

Threshold Power Testing

This class will consist of a 15 minute warm up followed by a 20-minute time trial. This test is used to determine your base power output. It is recommended that you test every 4-6 weeks.

Sustained Effort/Endurance

This ride will focus on building endurance with longer, less intense intervals. This is essential for long course and off-season training. Focus will be on managing your zones and learning how to control your power output


Class will focus on building power and strength through intense and quick intervals. There will be a lot of climbing, time trials and bursts. You will see your VO2 max. Plan to dig deep into your effort bank! This type of training is also KEY to success for the next season. This type of training is hard to do on your own...misery loves company! You do not need to do this more that a couple of times a week.

The Hard Ride

Long endurance ride

Open Rides – un-coached
Each class is limited to 16 riders. Click HERE to view our calendar or sign up for a ride/class.
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  • 130 N. Milwaukee Ave.
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